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About Cantu

Nodeport Cantu is our Enterprise IoT platform. With Cantu, we make it easy for businesses to add IoT information to their business processes. You can integrate any IoT device capable of making an HTTPS request to our platform and intermediately visualize, aggregate and communicate information into your application. Monitor any kind of device: Temperature, humidity, GPS, water valves, noise levels, CO2, ultrasonic, Hearth Rate (HR), and many more IoT devices in our Cantu IoT Hub. Is your device missing? We also create custom solutions using commercially-ready devices that integrate easily with your custom software solution. With our API, you can manage your IoT devices, receive Real-Time information, create aggregations, and get notified of changes to your devices. With Cantu, you can simplify the management and data processing of IoT devices and turn it into an easy-to-integrate API.


Integrate any kind of IoT device: Temperature, Humidity, GPS, Water valves,
Noise sensors, CO2 sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Hearth Rate (HR) monitors

IoT Cantu HUB dashboardUnlimited devicesUnlimited Historical data1GB of sensor dataAggregationsNotificationsReal-Time data visualizationAPIReal-Time API


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