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Nodeport is a provider of mobile application development services. We create cross-platform applications for Android and iOS. Find out how Nodeport can create your next Application.

Mobile Apps

What is a Mobile App?

A Mobile app is an application designed to run specifically on a mobile device such as Android or iOS. Modern mobile apps take advantage of their host sensors: GPS, Accelerometers, Camera(s), Microphone(s), Heart Rate, Temperature and others to create engaging experiences for their users. You can classify mobile apps into Native apps, Web-based apps and Hybrid apps. Native apps are apps meant to run only on a targeted platform, Web-based apps are apps that run on web technologies underneath, making them easier to run on many targets, mobile or otherwise. Hybrid apps are a mix between the two technologies. Choosing one or the other can impact on your project budget and feasibility.

Nodeport Mobile Apps

We build mobile applications for Android & iOS. We build both native and cross-platform applications with Ionic. We have several years of experience on publishing and complying with Google Play and App Store guidelines so you can have a smooth release.

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